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Young is not at all .. but 2 times .. one in the world and one in the hereafter ... it was quite fun 2 be a teen .. but, my life Teenagers will stop here .. coz i need a life of "manhood" ..i need to be tough, strong, matured 2 begin my career as my quotation responsibily .. .. so, no prince anymore but a man of the masterpiece Which conquer life as 'WORSHIP' .

Saturday, July 2, 2011

time keep running :)

Final Exam schedule ( Malaysian Maritime Academy )
Monday : Chart Work
Tuesday : Practical navigation + Electricity
Wednesday : Cargo Work + Islamic Studies
Thursday : Trigonometry + Maritime English
Friday : Ship Stability

4th july 2011 .. 1 week exam sem 2 for dns 013..
# nevus nak exam
# mesti aircond dlm polaris hall sejuk gler  ..haha
# aku x study ..aku pemalas betoi la
# but aku akan cuba yang terbAIk
#After final, aku kena stay 2 week at Alam
#Then, aku kena la prepare utk praktikal
#Rejab berakhir , Syaaban menati,
#Kemudian Ramadan dan Syawal
#Agak2 time puasa n raya aku still kat sini ke?
# oR aku ditengah2 lautan? huhu
# Hanya Allah yang tahu
#finally, i want to seek 4 forgiveness to everyone 4 my mistake or so whatever
# i hope a doa from u all
# Seafearer never say gudbye..see u when u see me!!
# tc everyone n smile always  :) :) :)

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