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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Muslimah Item ( Tudung, skarf, selendang & etc )

Pashmina Cashmere checkered
Selendang Pashmina corak kotak

Price: USD $4.71 (RM16.00) + FREE shipping within Malaysia

Headscarves Syria 2 tone colors
Koleksi Tudung Syria 2 warna

RM22.00 (USD $6.47) + FREE SHIPPING within Malaysia (including Sabah Sarawak)

Long headscarves Plain
Koleksi Tudung Lycra Labuh Kosong

RM20.00 (USD $5.88) + FREE SHIPPING within Malaysia

Headscarves Inner Lycra Cap
Anak Tudung Lycra Awning

Price USD1.76 (RM6.00) + FREE shipping within Malaysia

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