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Young is not at all .. but 2 times .. one in the world and one in the hereafter ... it was quite fun 2 be a teen .. but, my life Teenagers will stop here .. coz i need a life of "manhood" ..i need to be tough, strong, matured 2 begin my career as my quotation responsibily .. .. so, no prince anymore but a man of the masterpiece Which conquer life as 'WORSHIP' .

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

contoh peribadi yang baik :)

we do respect a good deed..coz,im beliave n surely muslim way is the good way to follow.. using Al-quran & hadith as a primary.. Alhamdulilah,when we always do the right thing, the rukun islam & rukun iman, we will always in better life.. ya allah,do forgive us, our parents and muslim -muslimat..ameen

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