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Young is not at all .. but 2 times .. one in the world and one in the hereafter ... it was quite fun 2 be a teen .. but, my life Teenagers will stop here .. coz i need a life of "manhood" ..i need to be tough, strong, matured 2 begin my career as my quotation responsibily .. .. so, no prince anymore but a man of the masterpiece Which conquer life as 'WORSHIP' .

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pagi yang gelap ~

Olla .. ang pangalan ko ay principe .. ini bahasa filipin la.. batchmate aku kabayan yg ajar..hehe..at least sdikit sbnyk aku tahu ttg bhasa kabayan ni..thanks ralp.. Pagi yg gelap? wao..update title yg meninggalkan big question mark like tis ?????

Perhap it all bout my heart.. Y ekh? aduh,, nk story ke x nk ni ekh..ok2 la..aku story k.. coz one of function of my blog is to release what inside my heart to outside..but not all.. juz only what kind of things i can n suppose share to all. orait, we start here k.. actually , i m like being stuck in the midlle of the sea.. x sailing ag ni..hehe..dah stuck..em,, tis coming 25th jun, i hav 2 event..both of them are really important 2 me.. one is training with navy where i hav small arm shooting training n the other event is hockey tournament which tis time my institute, ALAM will participate,,, Fuh, i must make a choice.. if can , i want to join both..haha..juz cut my body..half go there , n half go here..klakar ke gila ni..aduh2x..

until now, i didnt make any decision..my cadet co , PK AL ASH need my desicion asap ..n my hockey mate dont want to play if i did not join them in tournament.. i m not a star..but i m try to make ppl proud of myself.. i must make it..coz it is all about of career..juz not a job.. i must make a decision.. i dunno..i m really dunno.. i juz pray that, what are my choice is really meant to me..to Palapes Alam n Hockey Team, I will make desicion asap..juz wait ..insyallah..

That y la post kali ini tentang pagi yg gelap..i m stuck..really..but im try 2 smile :) :) :)
p/s: gud luck 2 dns11 in final exam
     smile always yupp!!!

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